Here at Golden Grove Trading, we are excited to announce the addition of our direct-to-garment printing machine that offers our customers more vibrant colors, shorter lead time and most importantly, low volume orders

What does this mean to our Customers?

We are now able to print multiple designs on one order, unlike the traditional screen printing which requires high volume for only one design. An advantage to this technology is the smooth finish of the print on your garment, which provides a premium quality appeal to our customers.

Our technology also allows our customers to get creative with their design ideas without restricting them to a few select colors. With our new multi-head embroidery machine. Our customer has a wide range of choices from caps, hoodies, polos and much more for their designs needs. Our capabilities allow our customer to customize labels and print up to two colors screen. This multi-head machine can help privatize the customer’s brand and promote their image on a local or global scale.